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Kitchen Stock | September 2023

Cowboy approved recipes used by our favorite country cooks.

In the kitchen with Martha Armitage, A Bar Ranch of Claremore, Okla.

Tell us about yourself.

"The A Bar Ranch is multifaceted, ranching in six Oklahoma counties and two Texas counties. The ranch operates with four divisions: commercial cow/calf, livestock marketing, performance horses, and agritourism. My late husband and I began our partnership in 1985 and my job capacities have been many the past 38 years. This season of my life I am enjoying watching my two sons and daughters-in-law handle the daily responsibilities of the ranch and marketing business. I work in our office and of course enjoy cooking for the family and being “Mimi” to my grandchildren Myles and Maysa. The vision that God gave Mike and I years ago continues to grow and I am proud to watch the next generation remain true to their agricultural roots."

What is your most requested dish?

"I am known for my fruit cobbler and a main dish is a recipe that was my mother’s called Spanish Delight."

What is your least favorite job in the kitchen?

"Cleaning up."

What is your favorite cooking tip/trick?

"It goes back to seasoning. A person can take a can of green beans and add bacon grease and onion, salt, and pepper. Put a lid on the pot and cook on high heat for 20 minutes and it tastes like fresh green beans."

Where did you learn to cook?

"I was blessed to have a grandmother and mother who were great cooks and as with many families our celebrations and holidays revolved around food. I was equally blessed with a mother-in-law who was a wonderful cook. I watched and learned and even today I work to get things to taste as to how they made certain recipes. Seasoning is an important part of cooking, and these three women were great teachers."

Upcoming Sale:

Commercial Cow Sale - September 2, 2023

Noon - at the ranch near Claremore, Okla.

Photos courtesy Martha Armitage

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