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Kitchen Stock | August 2023

Cowboy approved recipes used by our favorite country cooks.

In the kitchen with Sue Kenny, Kenny Angus of Schaller, Iowa

Tell us about yourself.

"I’m a fourth-generation beef producer. I grew up on a farm my grandfather, Frank Ogren, purchased in the 1920s in Sac County, Iowa, which is the site of our sale today. Both sides of my family were cattle feeders, and the highlight of the year was to take feeder cattle by train to the International Livestock Exposition in Chicago. In 1932, my grandfather, Edwin Turin, won the champion carload of Herefords. So, the love of raising and feeding cattle is in my blood.

This trait has been handed down to my three sons: Dustin Carter, Tyler Kenny, and Dru Kenny. We grow corn and soybeans and raise registered Angus cattle on our farms near Odebolt and Schaller. Brian and I bought our first registered Angus cows in 1990. Brian always said the pigs bought the cows and then I say, we sent the pigs down the road!! The boys enjoyed showing registered Angus heifers and our herd grew. Since we live in the center of corn country, we wanted a small herd of top quality. We use extensive artificial insemination and embryo transplant to produce the best genetics possible. We have been selling registered Angus breeding stock for 30 years.

We have been selling our bulls and top females at consignment sales and expos across the Midwest and Denver for 26 years. Our family ventured out to have our own sale on the farm in 2017. Dustin is the auctioneer, Dru gives the welcome, and Tyler helps clerk and sets up the lots. It’s awesome to have all three sons on the sale block. Dru came back to the farm after graduating from South Dakota State University. He has a great eye for the best phenotype combined with top performance. He is also in charge of our social media and marketing to keep Kenny Angus news in front of the public. I give him much of the credit for moving Kenny Angus to new high levels. It is a team effort.

Now we take around half the cows to the Sandhills near Atkinson, Neb., to graze for the summer. We calve early in December, so we can offer more mature bulls to our customers. This allows us to wean early and send bred females to Nebraska. A passion for cattle, now Angus cattle, runs deep in our heritage!"

What is your least favorite job in the kitchen?

"Like most people, I’m not a fan of cleanup!"

What is your favorite cooking tip/trick?

"Try to plan ahead with something in the Crockpot or a meal that you put together the night before. Double batches to freeze or have for the next day are helpful too."

Where did you learn to cook?

"Growing up I spent most of my free time outside with my dad and the cattle. I enjoyed showing calves from an early age. So, I didn’t spend much time in the house learning to cook unless it was a baking project for the fair. I did get many tips from my mom and her sisters. My mother-in-law, Judy Kenny, is an amazing cook so I have received many of her recipes for our family. Since I continued to help on the farm and with livestock, I needed quick recipes!!"

Upcoming Sale:

Kenny Angus Bull & Select Female Sale

March 8, 2024 near Odebolt, Iowa

Photos courtesy Sue Kenny

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