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Kitchen Stock | February 2024

Cowboy approved recipes used by our favorite country cooks.

In the kitchen with Erica Styles, Styles Angus of Brentford, S.D.

Tell us about yourself.

"We are a four-generation family operation that consists of my father-in-law, Bob, my husband, Chris, and our daughter, Sawyer. Sawyer is 20 years old and in her second year at South Dakota State University pursuing an animal science degree. We run around 200 Angus cows and operate a cow/calf operation. We show Angus cattle all over the United States and Chris judges cattle shows all over the United States. Chris, Sawyer, and I are active in the Angus Association, Angus Auxiliary, and the National Junior Angus Association. Sawyer was just nominated to serve on the National Junior Angus Association Junior Board of Directors. Our oldest daughter, Madison, is doing her medical residency in Cheyenne, Wyoming, at the Cheyenne VA Medical Center. We also grain farm, raising corn and beans."

What is your most requested dish?

"I would say it probably is my lasagna which blows my mind because it’s a very basic recipe and so easy to make."

What is your least favorite job in the kitchen?

"I am usually always in a hurry, so chopping, dicing, peeling - that kind of food prep is my least favorite job."

What is your favorite cooking tip/trick?

"A tip for me, for how my brain works and how I cook, is to follow a recipe so it turns out exactly the same every single time. A trick I use I actually just taught my daughter, but I’m sure many cooks do the same, is to use kitchen scissors when you can. I use them to cut scallions, dough, bacon, etc."

Where did you learn to cook?

"My grandma taught me how to bake and I picked up some cooking from my dad, but he didn’t like a crowded kitchen, so I basically taught myself with what I could pick up here and there when I left home after high school."

Upcoming Sale:

46th Annual Production Sale

Monday, March 4, 2024

1:00 pm CST

At the farm, Brentford, S.D.

Photos courtesy Erica Styles

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