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New Path, Same Passion | October 2023

By Cheryl Kepes

Photos courtesy Abby Durheim with Abby D Photography, and Legacy Livestock Imaging

Angus breeder, Heather Smith Trumble, uncovers a unique business opportunity to stay connected in the cattle industry.

To say life doesn’t always go as planned is a bit of an understatement. There are times in some people’s lives when it seems as if everything is unraveling. Long-time Angus breeder and veterinarian technician, Heather Smith Trumble, recently found herself in such a place. She spent close to two decades helping build a successful Angus herd for her family and three children. But difficult life circumstances forced her to leave her beloved farm life and find a new path. “I had to walk away from a lot, and this is what I did to stay connected to what I love and move forward,” Heather Smith Trumble said.

Finding a New Way

What she did was find a way to supplement her newly acquired full-time job working in a Nebraska hospital’s physical therapy division, with a venture that keeps her close to her network of friends in the cattle industry. Her new endeavor entails working as a Magnawave practitioner. According to the founders of Magnawave, the machines are used to ease pain and inflammation and to promote overall wellness in livestock, pets, and people.

Heather travels the livestock show circuit and to individual operations to work on animals with Magnawave. “I am doing this to keep myself connected to the livestock industry and the people who I enjoy. I love cattle. I loved what we were doing with our kids. Our circumstances changed, and I needed to do what I could to reinvent myself and move forward. I have had tremendous support from my Angus and 4-H families on this venture – they have been wonderful,” Heather shared.

Magnawave Technology

Heather uses the Magnawave technology to help animals with mild aches and pains, attitude issues or simply to enhance their overall wellness. Though she calls Osceola, Neb., home, Heather branches out to state and national livestock shows to help her clients. So far, she’s utilized the Magnawave technology on cattle, horses, pigs, and dogs. She even received a call asking about treating a llama, but Heather’s veterinary experience led her to suggest the llama needed more serious medical intervention.

Magnawave’s Pulsed Electromagnetic Field is designed as a non-invasive option to stimulate blood flow and facilitate cellular oxygenation. “Magnawave is a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF), it helps to recharge unhealthy cells with improved oxygenation and circulation, returning them to normal function,” Heather explained. “PEMF is also said to improve the lymphatic system as well. PEMF can also eliminate toxins resulting in inflammation reduction, improved recovery times and performance in a drug free way.”

Though she works with human patients through her full-time job, Heather leans on her experience as a licensed veterinary technician to guide her when working on livestock with Magnawave. “My veterinary knowledge helps. I also reached out to several veterinarians, and I have yet to find one that says probably not. All the veterinarians I’ve spoken to are supportive of it that I have encountered because it is a noninvasive, non-manipulating and no needle approach to the overall health and wellness of your animals,” Heather said.

Magnawave Clients

Working with animals and their owners brings great joy to Heather. She loves to see the difference the sessions make. Many of the animals she cares for with Magnawave are show cattle that need help naturally relaxing or healing from minor health issues. “One of the first heifers I did, the gentlemen told me her attitude had vastly improved. She didn’t like being touched or handled across her top and now she will tolerate it,” Heather stated.

One of the benefits to her part-time job is watching the animals she has worked on succeed in the show ring. Recently, Heather used the Magnawave technology on the Nebraska State Fair Champion Maintainer Heifer and Champion Market Heifer both owned by the Jelinek family.

Support Network

However, the most significant blessing for Heather rising from the new business venture is the overwhelming support from her friends in the cattle industry. “My Angus family, my cattle and 4-H family have rallied around me, supported me, encouraged me, been my cheerleaders and helped me to make it,” Heather shared.

In fact, one of Heather’s friends, who she calls an angel, gave her the push she needed allowing Heather to immediately start her Magnawave business. The more shows Heather attends, the more her business multiplies. Word of mouth and testimonials from one livestock producer to another continues to boost Heather’s new endeavor.

For Heather, keeping her foot in the door with people in the livestock industry is worth all the time and effort. “Staying connected to agriculture and livestock and what I love is truly the motivation. It really is about trying to stay connected to something that I fell deeply, deeply in love with,” Heather concluded.

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