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Kitchen Stock | May/June 2024

Cowboy approved recipes used by our favorite country cooks.

In the kitchen with Katie Burns, Burns Farms of Pikeville, Tenn.

Tell us about yourself.

"My name is Katie Burns and I have been married to David Burns for 11 years. I am a Mental Health Therapist (LPC-MHSP) and I also help with the public relations and social media on the farm. David is a third-generation cattleman, and he manages the family farm, Burns Farms, which is a registered Hereford and Angus operation. For 70 plus years, Burns Farms has raised championship quality Herefords and Angus cattle in Pikeville, Tenn. We have been having two to four sales a year since 2009. We take pride in our herd and provide quality cattle to our customers and fellow cattlemen."

What is your favorite thing to make?

"Our most requested dish is anything beef. We are so fortunate to raise our own beef and I always feel very spoiled to have a freezer full of beef."

What is your least favorite job in the kitchen?

"My least favorite job in the kitchen is finding space when cooking for a large party. Our kitchen is on the smaller side and when David and I are working together in the kitchen – it gets tricky! However, my mother-in-law, Gayanne Burns, always says, ‘The size of the kitchen doesn’t matter – it is the heart of the chef!’"

What is your favorite cooking tip/trick?

"The Sous-Vide. When you are cooking large amounts of beef and need everything to be perfect for a crowd you need to Sous-Vide it! No, it isn’t as romantic when you think about boiling meat – but you finish it on a grill, and I promise it will be your best kept secret."

Where did you learn to cook?

"My cooking influencers have been my mother and Gayanne Burns. I remember many phone calls with my mother in college trying to describe how the food looked and if it was cooked. Gayanne has the gift of serving fantastic food to a large crowd and throwing the best parties! She has inspired me and taught me how to feed a hungry group of cattlemen."

Upcoming Sale:

The Female Event - May 11, 2024

At the farm near Pikeville, Tenn.

Photos courtesy Katie Burns

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