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Straight Up | August 2022

A conversation with everyday Stockmen.

Danny Poss

Scotia, Neb.

About the Stockman.

"My family and I live in Scotia, Nebraska, close to where I grew up. During my childhood, I participated in 4-H and helped with my family’s commercial cow/calf operation. In college at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, I studied animal science and competed on the meat and animal evaluation team and the livestock judging team. After college, I started selling bulls privately. I am a first-generation Angus breeder. At my first bull sale in 1999, I sold 18 head. Our bull sales have grown every year since the inaugural sale. This past year, Poss Angus sold 300 bulls through sales and private treaty. In addition, we have sold bulls throughout the United States and have sold semen from our bulls to customers throughout the world. Poss Angus also hosts a female sale every other year at the ranch. My family is very involved with the Angus ranch. My wife, Kristi, and sons Nolan and Nathan are full-time on the ranch. My daughter, Neleigh, plans to attend Concordia University this fall on a track scholarship. My daughter, Natalie, is a junior in high school.”

What about the beef cattle industry excites you the most?

"The genetic progress that we continue to make each year is exciting. As well as the competition in the Angus breed, it makes you want to strive to work harder. I also enjoy the opportunities I have to create breed changing genetics. I strive to breed cattle that are very fault free and balanced in every trait.”

Your favorite non-ranch activity to do in your free time?

"I enjoy camping, boating and spending time with friends and relatives.”

The most important lesson you’ve learned in this business?

"An important lesson I have learned is to have goals and work hard to achieve them by using a team approach. If you have a goal, make sure everyone working in your operation knows what you are striving for and trying to achieve. Also, take good care of your customers by treating them the way you want to be treated.”

Most used tool on your ranch and how old is it?

"We consider artificial insemination our most important tool. AI is responsible for our herd’s genetic progress and has helped us develop a fault free cow herd that is just right for our environment.”

Your go-to sorting apparatus?

"Four wheelers and horses.”

What is your least favorite job on the farm?

"My least favorite jobs are laying out pipe on a hot, windy day when it hasn’t rained for a while and cutting cedar trees.”

Which animal (any species) has left the greatest impact on you?

"A bull that we raised named Poss Easy Impact. He has left the most important, influential females on our ranch that have created some of our favorite herd sires.”

Describe your best day.

"My best day is the bull sale. That is the day you get to display what you have been working for the last couple of years. You get to form relationships with new customers and connect with your old customers.”

Poss Angus Bull Sale

February 2023 At the ranch near Scotia, Neb.

Photos courtesy Poss Angus

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