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Straight Up | December 2022

A conversation with everyday Stockmen,

Lynn Ewald of Waldorf, Minn.

About the Stockman.

"Our family has a long history in agriculture. The family agricultural operation was established in 1892 focusing on beef cattle and crop production. The beef division started with Shorthorns and has grown into four breeds: Shorthorn, Polled Hereford, Angus, and Red Angus. Within that growth, our genetics have expanded our horizons into Argentina and Uruguay. Our philosophy is raising production-oriented cattle that can go to the show. We utilize advanced technologies throughout our operation. Fair Acres Stock Farms has export compliant production and international sales of elite Angus embryos. Our business markets genetics throughout the United States and Canada, as well to other parts of the world including Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Denmark, China, South Africa, and Uganda.”

What about the beef cattle industry excites you the most?

"Working with down-to- earth and hardworking people, while we add technology with real world production.”

What is your least favorite job on the farm?

"They all need to be done, I don’t dwell on the negatives.”

What is your go-to sorting apparatus?

"Panels, staff, and good neighbors.”

Describe your best day.

"Each day I wake up looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. A job well done brings me satisfaction and puts a smile on my face.”

Your favorite non-farm activity to do in your free time?

"Golf, golf, and golf.”

The most important lesson you’ve learned in this business?

"I have learned to enjoy the quality of agriculture life and the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions. Also, being proud of the fact that I am part of the food supply chain needed for humanity.”

Which animal (any species) has left the greatest impact on you?

"LEAVE Potranca 1015 ET. She was the 2017 champion female and supreme champion in Palermo, Argentina that went on to be named champion of the world. The heifer calf at her side when she won in 2017 came out and showed as a two-year-old pair and was named 2020 champion of the world. Also, Jensen Virtual 003 FAF FCC. He was the grand champion bull at the 2021 Iowa and Minnesota State Fairs as well as supreme champion over all breeds at the Minnesota State Fair.”

Upcoming Sale:

Private treaty sales, and annual fall online show heifer sale.

Photos courtesy Lynn Ewald

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