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Straight Up | February 2023

A conversation with everyday Stockmen,

Ennis Wallace of Emerald Wis.

About the Stockman.

"Our farm is located in Emerald, Wis., about 75 miles northeast of the Twin Cities, this farm is the old Triple C Simmental operation. I came up here 14 years ago to manage a Red Angus herd called Damar Farms. Five years later, along with two other cattlemen, Jeff Keller and Steve Maier, I had the opportunity to purchase the pick of the herd from Damar Farms. Those 180 head launched Cloud Nine Cattle Company. After five years in operation we dispersed Cloud Nine Cattle Company. I took over the operation from there and now we call it Kip Wallace Cattle Company (Kip is my son). We have been operating a family operation ever since. We are a seedstock producer raising mainly Red Angus and some Simmental cattle. We own 125 cows. We raise high-quality cattle sought after for their genetics, eye appeal, and show ring and donor potential. Over the last several years, we have had three national champion bulls. In the summer, we run a grazing operation in which we manage 100 pairs and 50 heifers for other producers. Our cattle operation is managed by me, Kip, and Brooke Giese. Brooke started working for the operation more than five years ago."

What about the beef cattle industry excites you the most?

"Our main goal is to put a lot of cattle in young people’s hands. It is a blessing to see how these young people grow and develop. It is exciting to see how many of them stick with agriculture and the impact they make later in their lives."

What is your least favorite job on the farm?

"Having to thaw out the waterers when it is 20-degrees below zero."

What is your go-to sorting apparatus?

"Lefthand, righthand, never above the waist – only a flick of my wrist."

Describe your best or worst day.

"The best days on the farm are when we are having all the newborns. It is very important to me that every animal has a chance to make it. And if there is a problem, I want to be there to help that animal."

Your favorite non-farm activity to do in your free time?

"I really don’t think I have free time. I enjoy every day on the farm. And I enjoy seeing the animals being developed and then go on to do great things for other people. That is a big pleasure for me. I also love to watch my wife, Karen, ride her cutting horses. It brings me joy to see how happy it makes her. We also travel to deliver our Corgi puppies to customers all over the United States."

The most important lesson you’ve learned in this business?

"Being an honest, trustworthy businessman."

Which animal (any species) has left the greatest impact on you?

"When DAMAR MIMI E381 and his full sister, DAMAR BARCELONA E067, were born on our farm. Both of them went on to be named champions in Denver in 2019 and earned many other show ring successes."

Most used tool on your farm and how old is it?

"A 2016 Kubota ATV that is used daily. It has never had a screw turned on it. The only thing it has had replaced is a fan belt and oil changes."

Upcoming Sales:

Selling lots at the Black Hills Stock Show Red Angus Sale, Thursday, February 2nd

Photos courtesy Ennis Wallace

learn more @ Kip Wallace Cattle Co.

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