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Straight Up | November 2022

A conversation with everyday Stockmen,

Tyler Sonstegard of Montevideo, Minn.

About the Stockman.

"My dad, Gary, started with Red Angus cattle back in the late 1970s. I worked on the farm growing up. In 2002, after I graduated from SDSU, I came back and bought into the operation and we started Sonstegard Cattle Co., LLC. My brother, Tory, joined us a few years later and now he and I run the operation together. We calve out over 200 registered Red Angus cows every year and have two production sales a year where we sell over 200 bred commercial and purebred females in our fall sale and about 70 registered bulls in our spring sale in April.”

What about the beef cattle industry excites you the most?

The people in this business are what excites me the most. Lots of hard working, devoted people raise cattle and it’s a joy doing business with people like that.”

What is your least favorite job on the farm?

"Working on a frozen waterer when it’s bitterly cold outside.”

What is your go-to sorting apparatus?

"We usually have several paddles around for sorting or chasing cattle.”

Describe your worst day.

Anytime equipment breaks down you know it’s a bad day. It usually means lost time or money to fix it, or both.”

Your favorite non-farm activity to do in your free time?

"There usually isn’t much free time to go around, but I like to get out golfing or deer hunting when I can.”

The most important lesson you’ve learned in this business?

"There is always room to learn and improve what you are doing. Whether it’s new technology or a simple trick you learn from talking to your neighbor, always keep your mind open to new ways to improve your operation.”

Which animal (any species) has left the greatest impact on you?

"The animal that has left the greatest impact is 3SCC Domain A163. A bull we raised and sold in our bull sale. He went on to get leased by Genex and was the top Red Angus bull for registrations in 2020. Pretty exciting to produce a bull that has had such an impact on the Red Angus breed.”

Upcoming Sale:

26th Annual Female Sale

December 3, 2022

At the ranch near Montevideo, Minn.

Photos courtesy Tyler Sonstegard

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