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Straight Up | October 2022

A conversation with everyday Stockmen,

Jon Jannsen of Earlham, Iowa.

About the Stockman.

"Janssen Angus is a family owned and operated registered Angus operation that is backed by five generations of seedstock lineage. Jon and Maradith Janssen along with children, Madeline, Katie, and JD started breeding the highest quality Angus genetics possible nearly two decades ago. Our goal is to create a sustainable herd of registered cows that are performance oriented, phenotypically superior, and highly maternal.

Almost the entire Janssen Angus herd is a true continuation of the most influential Angus operation of its generation, Schaff Angus Valley, ND. The 120-cow base herd is comprised of cows from the following SAV families: Madame Pride, Blackcap May, Emblynette, Abigale, Elba, Erica, Priscilla, Bessie Heiress, Greystone Jannet, and most recently Tehama Elite Blackbird and Coleman Donna and Chloe families.

Our entire farm income is derived from the Angus cow herd! While building the herd, Jon was blessed to have had a 15-year tenure serving in the Genex beef department traveling the world evaluating Angus cattle, educating breeders on genetic values, and being an ambassador of the Genex bull stud and the Angus breed.

The Janssen Angus bulls are marketed through an annual auction the third Saturday in February held at the Janssen Sale Facility, with the majority selling to progressive and profit-minded professional commercial cattlemen. We focus on customer service and selling only the best that we can breed, which translates into very loyal commercial bull buyers willing to invest their futures in the cattle industry with Janssen Angus herd bulls.”

What about the beef cattle industry excites you the most?

"We are so excited about the future of the beef business and Angus business in particular. The word Angus has become synonymous with the word quality. The demand for Angus beef has never been better and there are a few years coming up that are going to be especially profitable for the cow/calf sector. Finally! With reduced U.S. cow herd numbers and surging demand, we are in for good times! Buckle your seatbelt, it’s going to be one heck of a ride!”

Your favorite non-ranch activity to do in your free time?

"In our free time we enjoy following our two daughters and one son on the road “living the dream” playing travel softball and baseball. Madeline is a pitcher in her red-shirt freshman year at Texas A&M University in Commerce, Texas, a Division I NCAA softball program. She has worked her tail off to earn a scholarship and to play DI softball at the highest possible level. Katie is a junior at Earlham High School and plays high level travel ball for club Iowa Gold. Her dream is to follow in her sister’s footsteps and earn a spot catching at the DI level. JD is our only boy; he loves baseball, football, and Angus. We are extremely proud of all three of our children and look forward to many more seasons of high school and college ball!”

The most important lesson you’ve learned in this business?

"The most valuable lesson we have learned in this business is that we as seedstock breeders are obligated to our commercial bull customers to commit 100 percent to “breeding genetics” not “raising bulls.” We should know in our hearts that the product that we are selling will improve the operation of our customers. Fertility and pounds mean the most here at Janssen Angus, after all, if cows can’t breed and raise a calf every year and do it on mostly roughage and then inject enough growth potential into their sons, then they don’t need to be bull mamas. The last time I checked we still “sell cattle over the scale!” Pounds are paramount and are the draw to the Janssen program.”

Which animal (any species) has left the greatest impact on you?

"There are several animals that have impacted our operation, but a couple have really made us what we are today. Before finding the passion for breeding Angus, Jon was raised on a black Simmental operation, Janssen Farms, in Pocahontas County, Iowa. We owned a bull named CNS Dream On with Chris Schick of Illinois. Dream On was a household name in the beef industry and led the Simmental Association breed registration numbers for six consecutive years. Today, his mounted head hangs above the Janssen family fireplace mantle as a reminder of our heritage in the business! Another animal that has impacted us personally is a worldwide famous sire SAV Resource 1441. Jon was able to purchase and lease Resource for Genex Beef from Kelly Schaff just when the Angus breed needed his “kind” of bull to add muscle, base, and performance in a moderate package without sacrificing maternal greatness.”

Upcoming Jannsen Sales:

Female Sale:

Sunday, November 20, 2022

1 pm at the Janssen Sale Facility

Bull Sale:

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Noon at the Janssen Sale Facility

Photos courtesy Jannsen Angus

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